NY Review of Books |
Israel’s War on Culture


In January, I visited Israel with my incredible writing partner, Mairav Zonszein, to pen a piece for the New York […]

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Monocle |
Hume With a View


I had the great fortune of meeting with Gary Hume for Monocle at the tail end of summer. His incredible […]

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Summit Podcast


Just before departing Creative Time, I worked with the very talented RJ Rushmore on producing the Summit Podcast Series. The […]

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New York Public Library + CT|
In Situ


In my new role as Director of Media Initiatives for Creative Time I am overseeing the new site-specific talk series […]

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Center for Artistic Activism|
Make the News


Steve Lambert, one of my favorite artists, runs the incredible Center for Artistic Activism with activist and professor Stephen Duncombe. […]

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SFMOMA Open Space|
Getting it Right & Saying Goodbye


Five years after launching Creative Time Reports, I sit down with the incredible journalist and editor of SFMOMA’s Open Space […]

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Monocle Radio|
Should Art be Political?


Fred Tomaselli

I join Moncole’s Culture Editor, Robert Bound, and Ossian Ward, head of content at the Lisson Gallery, to discuss art’s […]

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Keith Haring Foundation|
Going Off-Script: Engaging Youth in Creative Practice


A drawing of Mohammed Ndiaye, one of the students involved in the program. Drawing by Ricardo Cortés. 2015.

In 2015, with a grant from the Keith Haring Foundation, I was able to create a program that would give […]

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Rhode Island School of Design|
And Also: Artists & Designers Writing


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.51.00 PM

I was invited to speak at the Rhode Island School of Design this past October about Creative Time Reports. It […]

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Walker Art Center|
Superscript Conference



In late May, I was asked to speak at the Walker Art Center’s Superscript conference about arts journalism and criticism […]

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NY Post|
Hank Willis Thomas and AVAF


Hank Willis Thomas

When the New York Post approached me to select and write about some of the best artists in NYC today […]

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Creative Time Reports|
Our Second Anniversary


Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Off to a political rally, 2013.

There was something natural, even inevitable, about birthing a platform for artists to weigh in on the news at Creative […]

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Beijing’s Ullens Center Director


The UCCA and many of the cities galleries are located in the 798 Arts District in Beijing.

The first time I met Phil Tinari was when I covered the Gwangju Biennale directed by Massimiliano Gioni. Since our […]

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Afghanistan’s Ancient Sites


Leon Chew, Inside the Kabul Museum, 2011

I had a chance to meet with Laura Tedesco when I was reporting on Mes Aynak for the Wall Street […]

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Creative Time Reports|
Meeting Pussy Riot in Moscow


With members of Pussy Riot, February 2014

It’s a rare media cycle when an American publication goes to press without a story on Russia. In recent months, […]

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The Intercept|
Above the NSA


Trevor Paglen, NSA, Creative Time Reports

In November of this year, I accompanied photographer Trevor Paglen to Washington DC to take aerial photographs of the NSA, […]

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The Guardian & CTR|
On Our First Anniversary


Peter Halley, Indexed, 2007

Hard to believe it has been a year since launching Creative Time Reports. Every day I am reminded why this […]

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While in Beijing for Creative Time Reports, I met with some incredible people. Included in that list was the artist […]

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Nairobi’s XYZ Show


Drying Off

During the summer of 2012, I visited the Nairobi studio of The XYZ Show, one of the most beloved programs […]

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La Cinémathèque de Tanger


I had an opportunity to visit La Cinémathèque de Tanger this December for Creative Time Reports. At it’s helm is […]

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Creative Time Reports|
Editor’s Letter


It has been a full year since taking on the role of editor for Creative Time’s newest endeavor, Creative Time […]

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Subodh Gupta in New Dehli


This story marks my very first visit to India. Admittedly it was too short. Nevertheless I had enough time to […]

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Monocle 24|
Art Dubai Radio Dispatch


This was my third time visiting Art Dubai. 2012 was a very special program, which included not only a great […]

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Foreign Policy|
Pushing Back


I had never been to Budapest before, and so it was odd that I felt instantly connected to the city. […]

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Wall Street Journal|


My visit to Afghanistan was one of the most meaningful in my life. The subject I was there to cover […]

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Los Angeles


I never miss an opportunity to write about Los Angeles, my hometown. And so I was particularly thrilled when I […]

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South Korean Art


I had a chance to visit the South Korean city of Gwangju last year for the city’s biennale (10,000 Lives […]

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Girls 20 Summit


I am in Paris getting ready to speak at a conference called the Girls 20 Summit. I have been asked […]

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Turkey and the Middle East


I traveled to Istanbul in honor of the openings of the Istanbul Biennial and Art Beat, a new art fair […]

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Keeping the Faith


I have been working in Morocco for the past three years. It has been some of the most rewarding work […]

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City Guide to Los Angeles


Matthew Field, http://www.photography.mattfield.com

I had the great pleasure of being one of the writers of Wallpaper*’s Los Angeles guide. It was a rare […]

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Bon Appetit|
Morocco’s Hollywood


During one of my recent visits to Morocco, I headed south to Ouarzazate to see what life was like in […]

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Afghanistan’s Media Mogul


I had a chance to have lunch with Saad Mohseni (CEO of the Moby Group) in Dubai en route to […]

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Morocco Project|
In the New York Times


Words for Change concluded it’s most recent round this June in Casablanca and Fes. It was a wonderful trip. Those […]

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Keeping the Pressure on in Morocco


Having worked in Casablanca, Morocco for several years now, it was exceptionally interesting to be here in the midst of […]

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Food for Art


A fun trip to the uptown Park Avenue restaurant for a new installation from Creative Time was how this article […]

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