Abu Dhabi Art

03.01.2010 | by Marisa Mazria Katz


I ventured to Abu Dhabi to check out the city’s newest art fair–Abu Dhabi Art— for Monocle Magazine. It was, as expected, a blockbuster event that attracted some of the finest galleries in the world. It seemed most were interested in helping the city stock their new museums (the impending Louvre and the Guggenheim). This is likely why many of these galleries–like Gagosian and White Cube–have eschewed Art Dubai–since no mega museums are in the works for this city.

The week of art all took place just before the big Dubai crash. Rumors were swirling that many of the sales were abandoned when word got out that Abu Dhabi was going to save Dubai–who defaulted earlier this week on billions of dollars. Yet, while I was at Art Basel Miami Beach last week all of those rumors were dispelled by a blue chip gallery who confirmed sales were still going through.

Images here from the Guggenheim’s exhibit at Emirates Palace entitled Making of a Museum.


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