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30.08.2010 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

Indeed, much is being written about Yemen these days. Mostly it’s talk of the country as ‘the next Afghanistan‘ (whatever that may mean? one of my favorite blogs, The Arabist, had this to say about that article: “No, Yemen is the new Yemen.” ). Yet, this is a country that ranks highest on my places I long to visit.

The country is jaw-droppingly beautiful (from what I can tell from books, friends who have been). This is a look at what happened last year with the country’s small arts scene. It was a challenge to find out all of the initiatives because it was difficult to contact many people there. But through lots of emailing and calls I managed to track down some of the events for the past and upcoming years.

HERE is an outline of the detailed art initiatives for Sana’a–my favorite city I have never seen–and Yemenite artists around the world.

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