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16.05.2017 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

Steve Lambert, one of my favorite artists, runs the incredible Center for Artistic Activism with activist and professor Stephen Duncombe. They invited me to participate in their insightful webinar series called “How to Win,” an online training program that aims to provide hands on tools to “make more creative activists and more effective artists.”

My installation was the 15th webinar they have produced (head to their site to see all of them) was called “Make the News.” I love the way they described the episode, so I am quoting it here: “We’ve all been there: you’ve done a brilliant, funny, creative action but no one except some passersby and a handful of your Facebook friends have any idea it happened. Or maybe worse yet, you get some press coverage but the journalist completely missed the point. Well, we’re here to help.”

I spend an hour in this video talking with Steve Lambert about how artists can work their way into the pages of the world’s biggest publications! It was a true delight to speak with him and spread the word about how artists can ensure their voices are heard by as many people as possible.

Would love to hear what you think!

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