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Uganda and South Africa

19.05.2010 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

I spent half of March in Uganda and South Africa. In Uganda I headed to Gulu to spend time with Sister Rosemary. She is running St. Monica Gulu Girls Relief. While there I got to meet several women she is helping to rehabilitate after being abducted by the LRA. Although things are relatively quiet in Gulu (most of the LRA has moved north to the Bunia area in eastern Congo), there are still major problems riddling the region.

Sister Rosemary is one person who is trying to transform the lives of many female abductees and give them skills to use in order for them to live on their own. Many of the women were used as sex slaves by the LRA and as a result most residents of St Monica’s have young children. During the day there are nuns working to take care of these children while the women are taught several skills including catering and sewing.

I hope to head back to Gulu as soon as possible. My time with Sister Rosemary was too short and has only made me want to understand the region more.

I worked on this video about football player Adrian Peterson for ESPN. He was brought to Uganda (and subsequently South Africa) to work with a group called Pros For Africa.

Click this LINK to take you to the video.

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