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Gingerbread Reclamation

05.05.2011 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

My trip to Haiti this year was one of the most interesting of my career. I was so struck with the beauty and tragedy of Port au Prince–a city that is filled with some of the warmest people I have ever encountered. I went down there to meet with FOKAL, a group who is trying to make a small portion of the city into a heritage site. The reason for their determination is because of a small collection of Gingerbread homes are here. As you can see from the pictures taken by the very talented Sasha Bezzubov, they are beautiful buildings that have, unlike their neighbors, remained standing after the January 2010 earthquake.

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Here is a picture of me in front of the city’s most famous Gingerbread–the Oloffson Hotel.

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