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06.03.2010 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

Jennifer Steinkamp,Orbit 2(still),2008 video installation,courtesy artist,Lehmann Maupin Gallery

The past couple of weeks have been quite intense for the art scene here in NYC. First up was the Whitney Biennial. After waiting a half hour in the freezing rain, the crowds (which were standing in a line around the block, I kid you not) were let in to what was a very subdued, but solid show. I got to walk around with Eivind Furnesvik, the director of a really great gallery in Oslo called Standard. He had two artists in the show, Alex Hubbard and Tauba Auerbach, who were in my opinion showing very strong pieces.

Next up was the New Museum’s Skin Fruit show, which was Dakis Joannou’s collection curated by Jeff Koons. I thought Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s work was some of the most fun and exciting pieces featured. The show had a very visceral feel to it…basically very little was left to the imagination. Its worth seeing if in town.

Then it was over to the ADAA: The Art Show to see some fantastic work from Sandra Bermudez at the Vivian Horan Fine Art gallery. Her wallpaper of illegal plants–poppies, cocoa leaves, cannabis–was some of the best here. She is definitely one to watch!

Then it was over to the Armory, it’s their 12th year running, to see some great work in the Lehmann Maupin booth. Director Courtney Plummer walked me through her gallery’s installation, which was filled with some wonderful pieces–especially one from Jennifer Steinkamp’s (Orbit 2)–see pic above. Other highlights came from the new city section which featured Berlin (the Reception gallery was my favorite).

Finally, I headed to the new Independent fair in Chelsea’s former Dia Foundation. Wow. This was the fair to be at because it really didn’t feel like one! There were no booths. No staunch overhead lights. No $30 dollar tasteless sandwiches being served. It was free admission and totally lively. If you only have time to see one art event this week go HERE!

Read all about my week in my latest MONOCOLUMN.

Up next I head to London, Uganda and South Africa!

Stay tuned…

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