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10.09.2010 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

I recently visited Santiago, Chile. It was my first time traveling to South America. Although I was only there for a few days, I got the feeling the city was in the midst of a transformation. Topping the list of my favorite things to do was exploring the young, but palpable contemporary arts galleries there (I also got a behind the scenes look at the damaged Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, which has not been fully repaired since the February earthquake–read about that in my Art Newspaper story HERE).

My host during my tour of the city’s galleries was D21 gallery/residency owner Pedro Montes. Together we visited Galeria Moro and Galeria Afa. We also made a stop into one of the city’s best alternative bookstore, Metales Pesados, which has some excellent architectural and art tomes.

For the city’s bicentennial, which will be celebrated this month, I interviewed three luminaries for Time Magazine and asked them how they would spend their perfect day in Santiago–the city of their birth.

You can read the article HERE.

Also if you are down there, this September will be SCL2110 a biennial that features RoseLee Goldberg and Vito Acconci. It has been organized by Rodrigo Tisi in honor of the citywide celebrations.

Galeria Moro


Galeria Afa

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