Elizabeth Taylor in Iran

27.02.2011 | by Marisa Mazria Katz

Dressed as an Odalisque, 1976 Photo: Firooz Zahedi

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I had a chance to meet with Linda Komaroff, PhD, curator of the museum’s Islamic art division. She walked me through a new exhibit that was about to be put up in honor of Elizabeth Taylor’s first and only visit to Iran in 1976. The pictures, taken by photographer Firooz Zahedi, were so stunning–rich with color and imagination–that I had to write about it.

Here is an article for Vogue about the exhibit, which will take place from February 26 till June 12 at LACMA.

I wrote this story before receiving the heartbreaking news that Ms. Taylor had passed away. She will always be a real inspiration and I feel lucky I had this chance to write this story.

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